Helpful Tips

Consumption guidelines for C8 MCT oil (the most potent MCT on the market):

If you have not consumed our MCT oil on a habitual basis, please introduce KetoMCT to your diet as follows. On day one, consume one teaspoon, on day two, consume two teaspoons, and on day three, consume one tablespoon (which equals three teaspoons). Each dose should be consumed with food and optionally a beverage. If there are any gastrointestinal issues, stretch the above timing out over six or more days. After two weeks, optionally increase the dosage to two tablespoons, by introducing the second tablespoon six hours after the first tablespoon, via a similar protocol as described above for the first tablespoon. Some persons consume three or more tablespoons per day, but we do not recommend more than two tablespoons per day. In children, the dosage can be proportionately reduced, relative to body weight (e.g., for an 80 pound child, reduce the dose by 2 (160 pound adult/80 pound child). For pets, and other animals, please inquire individually). Note that some products on the market that claim to be MCT oils are actually not. If you are not sure if the product you are currently consuming is a true C8 or C10 purified MCT oil, then please follow the above acclimation guidelines.

Storage and use guidelines:

Keep MCT oil at room temperature, away from sunlight. If you accidentally refrigerate the product, let it sit at room temperature until clear. Keep the product tightly covered to avoid any odor pickup.

MCT oil is very versatile and may be taken raw, mixed with beverages such as coffee, tea, juice, smoothie and shakes; and foods, such as sauces and salad dressings. Mixing and blending will help to disperse the MCT oil evenly. MCT oil may be used for cooking and baking, but avoid heating beyond 315 F, smoking of the oil can occur beyond this temperature.

Safe tested materials for MCT oil:

MCT oil is only safe to use in HDPE non BPA recyclable plastics, high quality glass, ceramic, stainless steel containers and metal utensils.

Caution:  Consult physician if taking medication and/or have medical condition.

Guidelines on benefits and timing to experience benefits:

Typically allow four-six months to see benefits related to weight management. For energy and possibly cognition, these effects are seen rapidly (days) in some individuals.  KetoMCT should be taken as part of a ketogenic or modified ketogenic diet, for maximum effectiveness.

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