Labeling rules indicate that a C8 MCT cannot be “natural” nor “organic”. Purified C8 MCTs are made by recombining the C8 fatty acid stream with glycerol. As such, they are not natural because the product is manufactured and naturally occurring C8 MCTs would be present in much smaller abundance in natural foods such as goat milk and breast milk. True MCTs are not organic unless it could be guaranteed that both the glycerol and free fatty acid fractions were grown under organic conditions. Fractionated coconut oil could possibly be considered organic if the starting source of the coconut oil could be guaranteed to be organic (however C8 MCT cannot be manufactured by fractionation alone). Note that natural and organic products are not necessarily healthier than their non-organic counterparts, unless they are processed in such a way as to remove undesirable residues naturally present or introduced from the environment or during processing.  Despite KetoMCT not being labeled organic or natural, the oil is potent biologically and manufactured in the USA under stringent conditions.

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