Our Process

  1. Source for coconut oil rich in C8 and C10 fatty acids, and also C12 and other long chain fatty acids.
  2. Using heat and pressure, split the fatty acids from the glycerol backbone, to form fatty acids and glycerol (glycerin).
  3. Using steam distillation and/or fractionation techniques (no solvents), isolate the C8 fatty acid fraction (or cut).
  4. Purify the glycerin fraction using standard distillation and non-solvent techniques
  5. Under heat and pressure, re-esterify the C8 fraction back onto glycerol backbones to from C8 MCT.
  6. Using activated carbon and other solvent-free methods, purify and remove odors from the final MCT product.
  7. Perform rigorous quality control to assure final product meets Specifications per Standard Operating Processes (SOPs), Lot basis.
  8. Release lot for sale.