What People Are Saying

"Favorite oil so far! I really like this brand. I’ve used a couple of others and much prefer the bottle shape and function of this one. It is totally tasteless, so I add it to my morning coffee along with fiber and collagen."
-Christy C
"After using many different brands of standard MCT oil and having varied result depending on the quality, I found that KetoMCT is the best feeling oil I have used to date.  After over 1 year of taking KetoMCT daily. I can say that it is the best MCT I have ever used. Not once have I had a GI issue and the oil quality continues to be unmatched and consistent with each bottle. Speaking of bottles, the new design is awesome and does not drip!"
Dr. Berger unravels an MCT label sold at Costco for a customer:
"Your response helped me unravel the MCT label.  Thank you for helping me understand that inexpensive, “organic”  fractionated MCTs contain C12, but may not indicate this on the label.  I learned that Organic is not necessary better than non-organic oils (after seeing your E-book on coconut oil); and that MCT oils containing C12 are less potent than your C8 product.  Thanks for your multiple replies  Dr. Berger, I admit I am in awe of the response." 
-Kathleen P.
"The container makes a difference! It is easy to pour, easy to grasp and does not leave an oily mark on the counter!"
-Gardner D.F.
"The KetoMCT oil is highly rated and the quality is fantastic."
"Love this stuff. It does everything it says it will do. Curbs hunger, no more brain fog, more energy, better sleep, better mood and that's after only 3 days of using it. I'll be using MCT Oil the rest of my life. Thank you for such an amazing product!"
-Rose Ruiz
"Fantastic product! Gives me lots of energy and mental clarity. Great company and customer service! 5+ stars!"
-Ralph C (Amazon customer)
"Wow... just wow! This c8 is completely awesome!"
-Taylor D. (Amazon customer)
"I've tried three different pure C8 oils all from seemingly reputable companies. Quite honestly I didn't notice too much difference between Lifesense and the others: all high performance and clean. But this is what won me over with this brand:

- Packaged in HDPE plastic: I was seeking either HDPE or glass. It seems that one other brand of C8 which was packaged in glass I found (which I had considered but not purchased) had terrible lids that deteriorated on contact with the C8 and leaked during shipping according to their customer reviews. Others use PET plastic or plastic pumps inside glass bottles which can still react with C8.
- The Lifesense bottle has a lift and peel seal underneath the lid, ensuring freshness and safety for consumption and during shipping
- Excellent pouring lid. Thank you for this convenience! In fact, the whole bottle is great with the handle for easy management.
- Processed without chemicals, ie., mechanically and with distillation
- The cost per ounce is very competitive
- Manufactured in the US
- Prior to purchase, I had reached out directly to Lifesense to ask for clarity on their extraction process and received a personal reply from Dr. Alvin Berger, one of the cofounders of the company. His response was very concise and he also provided extra documentation and links to his own research, other research and other company links. I truly didn't feel like this was a high pressure sale but a genuine intent to inform

I've been using C8 in my coffee for over a month now along with cultured grass-fed butter and have received excellent results in mental clarity especially, increased energy and weight loss. My husband decided to start too just a couple of days ago. He doesn't drink coffee so I prepared it with butter and his favorite mint tea along with some green jasmine tea for a bit of caffeine. He did experience some stomach upset. I attribute it to the green tea as he is particularly sensitive to caffeine, and also perhaps the C8 which I mildly experienced when I started with C8 too. Heed the warning on the label.

Lifesense's C8 and Dr Berger have earned my trust and loyalty. I'll be purchasing all of my C8 from here from now on and have already recommended this product to my friends.
-Lillian (Amazon customer)
"Just what my nutritionist recommended"
-GA (Amazon customer)
"Amazing Product. I have bought this exact product twice already. It is a must have for your daily nutrition. You can blend it into your beverages, as a salad dressing, added on top of your foods or even taken as a straight shot. It does exactly what it claims... less hunger thru-out the day & improved cognitive function."
"Worth taking every day. Great product...my memory seems better than ever."
-Reviewer (Amazon customer)
"Most potent MCT oil. If your looking for the most potent and purest MCT oil, here it is."
"I chose this MCT oil initially because I had read a great deal of the reviews and noticed how well the company answered all the questions. They were always polite and helpful and did not denigrate any other company that produces a similar product. Also, I always look at the negative reviews of products just to see what the complaints are all about. So often when a product is generally pretty highly rated, the 1- and 2-star reviews are, well, just ignorance. I have had no side effects from KetoMCT oil but then again, I have been using coconut oil for quite some time. I find that it pretty much WORKS and that is great."
-Cat (Amazon customer)
"Excellent customer service. Great product,love it."
-Jon (Amazon customer)
"Love this brand. Really got me into ketosis when I had tried everything else."
-Lisa W. (Amazon customer)
"I learned about the keto diet back in December 2014, when I read 'Alzheimer's Disease: What If There Was a Cure?' by Dr. Newport, who is head of a neonatal clinic. As she was desperately searching for a way to help her husband who suffered from early onset Alzheimer’s, she stumbled on information that indicated the MCT in coconut oil could be helpful. She started giving her husband coconut oil, and he immediately began to experience significant improvement to the point that he was eventually able to do some volunteer work. Dr. Newport was very familiar with MCT oil, because that is what they give the premature infants at her clinic. In fact, she states that all babies are in ketosis in the womb, and even after birth as long they are breast fed.

She tried different combinations of coconut oil to MCT oil with her husband, and eventually settled on a 3:4 ratio. I followed her advice, and bought my first bottle of MCT oil in early 2015, when it was just becoming more available. This has allowed me to follow a relaxed keto lifestyle pretty much from the beginning. I take three to four tablespoons of the coconut/MCT oil mixture every day, and I’m very strict about no sugar or empty carbs. On the other hand, I don’t obsess about measuring everything I eat, but do stick to organic as much as possible. I eat plenty of vegetables, lots of salmon (wild caught Alaskan), and usually have a large spinach salad every other day. I also eat several organic, grass-fed hamburgers each week. After dinner, I have a small bowl of organic wild blueberries and a few organic strawberries, with organic heavy whipping cream, along with a handful of nuts (macadamia and pecans), one Costco Cashew Cluster, and one square of Endangered Species 88% Dark Chocolate. I will often even have a small glass (5 oz) of red wine with dinner.

The result is that I have lost about 15 pounds—I am 6’ 3” and now weigh 200 pounds. I originally had significant clogging in my arteries to the point my cardiologist was ready to do an angiogram and probably put in some stents. My arteries are now clear, my cholesterol is perfect (200) and my various ratios are off the chart good. I originally had clear signs of early dementia, and my memory is now sharper than ever before. At 72 I take no medications, but I do take some supplements, as our bodies seem to be less efficient at processing/producing what we need as we get older. I do aerobic exercise every day, and strength training twice a week. Best of all, I see my doctor just once a year so she can tell me to keep doing whatever I am doing!"
-Jay H.
"I tried these BHB salts today while 16 hours into a 48 hour fast. I mixed with water and added 1 tbsp of heavy cream. The taste is surprisingly very good! I checked my blood glucose and ketones about 1.5 hours after finishing it. My glucose level was down 20 and my ketones were up by .9 (from my pre-BHB check). Highly recommend!"