Dr. Berger Metagenics Products

Metagenics are trusted, super high quality, practitioner-grade and innovative products. That is why we partner with Metagenics. Dr. Berger and his team are uniquely qualified to bring you the very best from Metagenics!

Dr. Berger recommends these products for immune support


Vitamin C can be an antioxidant and possibly a pro-oxidant in very high doses. Clinical trials are underway to evaluate the potential virus-killing properties of Vitamin C.

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Vitamin D has many benefits, most vital are regulating the absorption of calcium and phosphorus as well immune health support.

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During these stressful times, our sleep can be impaired, which in turn, weakens our immune system. Benesom contains ingredients proven to promote restful sleep, to combat occasional sleeplessness.

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Probiotics for gut health can improve immune and inflammatory responses throughout the body.

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Zinc plays an important role in maintaining healthy immune system function.

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Click here to download the Immune Health Clinical Guide from Metagenics, so you may learn more about immune support.