Metagenics Products

We are very thrilled and fortunate to have the collaboration with Nutri-Dyn and Metagenics, and we are confident our customers will benefit greatly! Nutri-Dyn offers practitioner-grade nutraceutical ingredients including Metagenics.
Metagenics is THE trusted brand in providing innovative nutritional and medical-nutritional products to practitioners, to then pass on to consumers.  The products are highly researched, carefully vetted, and of super-high quality to meet the demanding requirements of health-care practitioners.
KetoMCT features and highlights specific Nutri-Dyn and Metagenic products in our newsletter on a regular basis, focusing on those products consistent with a ketogenic lifestyle that synergize with KetoMCT and our other exciting products under development. 
Our customers may now  order  Nutri-Dyn and Metagenic products directly from our web site.  If you are a new customer, please sign up for the Nutri-Dyn account below.  Existing customers, please sign in using your email and password.