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    GlucoLOGIC™ Tea contains Reducose® and all its benefits, in a bioactive, convenient, proprietary, high potency, high purity, instant tea delivery vehicle.

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    Clinical Trial Reduced Post-Meal Blood Sugar Spikes up to 46%!

    GlucoLOGIC™ Functional tea works to curb post-meal blood sugar spikes when consuming high starchy foods.


    Our LifeSense KetoMCT Oil is scientificaly formulated by the internationally renowned Ph.D Lipid Biochemist & Nutritionist Dr. Alvin Berger.

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    Clinical Trial Shows Our C8 MCT Oil Raises BHB up to 2 Times!

    LifeSense KetoMCT Oil is clinically proven to increase ketone production to provide fuel to brain and body.

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"Dr. Alvin Berger is a true expert on fats who has devoted his life to the study of fats” -Montel Williams, "Skinny on Fat" documentary.

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