Why LifeSense

LifeSense Products advantage:

  • Super-high quality, domestically-manufactured, potently ketogenic, C8 MCT oil, with current lot featuring 100% C8.  (Domestic manufacture adds to cost, but provides our customers with high quality control)
  • We leverage 30 years’ technical know-how of lipids and nutrition to help our customers get the most from the products. As on example, we provide the optimum methods to consume our oils. Most of our customers have taken our advise to consume MCT oils with solid foods (not acidic coffee) for better tolerability and absorption.
  • We are featured on podcasts and radio shows on technical aspects of our products to educate customers, practitioners, and academics
  • We source for coconut oil-derived components
  • We use special plastic materials in the bottle that are tested to be compatible with MCTs (we are concerned competitor products do not).
  • We have a custom made "jug" bottle with a pouring handle, and a custom cap system that minimizes spillage.
  • We have received several awards for the integrity and honesty of our technical- and marketing messaging  see NutraIngredients article
  • We collaborate with trusted long term partners that provide super high quality domestic raw products, with great quality control, proven sustainability, and extensive documentation. 
  • Our products are backed by solid scientific publications, without marketing hype and pseudo-scientific claims prevalent in nutritional product websites and literature.


Dr. Berger is a lipid expert, ketogenic fat expert, and published in high profile journals. He is available as a guest for podcasts as well as a guest blogger. Dr. Berger has also appeared on numerous podcasts, radio shows, and lay media, and his talks are very well received and enjoyed by diverse audience interested in living healthier and better lives.