Our company has not favored typical calorie-restricted diet plans.  Our concern is that most people gain the weight back after the diet period is over; so-called “yo-yoing”. Weight fluctuations can have negative metabolic implications, increase risk of insulin resistance, and even release fat soluble toxins from adipose tissue.

Intermittent fasting (IF; short term, consistent, mild fasting, such as missed meals) can result in weight loss. The challenge however is that after the fast, the individual may over compensate for the missed calories, even resulting in more calories consumed than without IF.  Healthy keto oils such as Olive oil and true MCT oils  provide prolonged satiety (less food consumed at subsequent meals) and this can prevent this over-compensation in calories.

MCT oil, especially the most ketogenic pure C8 MCT oil (such as C8 KetoMCT, the top technical brand preferred by discerning consumers and practitioners) has this satiety benefit, as well as providing a more sustained energy than most carbs and proteins. Many of our customers have seen positive results in losing body fat and keeping it off, when incorporating MCT C8 oil into their diet plan;and diet plans that incorporate IF.

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