Question from LifeSense customer regarding MCT oil label

MCT labels are not so simple to understand.  Many times information on the label is missing, not stated clearly or correctly.

Here our own Dr./Prof. Alvin Berger, Co-Owner of LifeSense Products does a deep-dive label dissection for a customer of one of the products on the market:

  • This product contains 14 g of fat all of which is saturated.
  • The product is stated to have 13 g of MCT.
  • The product is stated to have 12.3 grams of C8+C10.
  • There are 0.7 grams of MCT unaccounted for, which in coconut oil, can com from C6 MCT or C12 MCT (if they count C12 as an MCT).
  • The 1 gram of saturated fat not counted as MCT in coconut oil can come from C12, C14, C16, or C20.

Based on the above, we can assume there is some C12 MCT that is unlabeled but we cannot be quantitative based on there being too many unknown variables.

Considering that C12 is the most abundant fatty acid in coconut oil at nearly 50% of the fatty acids, it is reasonable to assume the distillation process they use would to remove saturates, would not remove all the C12.

Assuming the unknown saturated fatty acid and unknown MCTs both came from C12, then there is 7.3 g C8, 5 g C10 and 1.7 g C12 (Note: the label states these are typical, not actual values).

On a percent basis, this amounts to 52% C8, 36% C10, and 12% C12.

Even if we count the C12 at only 5% of total (assumes 0.7 parts C12), the ratio of C8:10 is only 56%: 39%.

This is thus very likely a low grade MCT oil, since the ratio of C8:10 is not even 60:40 (as found in “commodity” C8/10 MCT oil); and there is very likely C12 as noted above.

In warmth,

LifeSense® Products team

"Great article, Life Sense team! Informative and easy to understand; perfect for sharing with friends and family new to MCT. Especially enjoyed your closing salutation of ‘in warmth’, as it’s -43 here at my home Manitoba, Canada! Thanks for all your great products and education, Risa O."

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