Why Customers Choose LifeSense Products - Survey Results

A sample of comments from a survey on why they choose LifeSense Products - we value customer feedback!

"C8 Keto MCT Oil used in "fatty coffee"
"Keto MCT my breakfast coffee routine. Keeps me fueled while IF and extended fasts"
"MCT elevate ketones"
"MCT oil keeps me in ketosis"
"MCT C8 oil for a variety of health benefits"
"C8 not C10"
"MCT oil. I add it to my tea in the morning"
"C8 KetoMCTOil - I am a 66 year old woman and wanted the weight management and increased energy this product provides. I teach exercise classes including aerobic weight lifting, yoga, pilates and Tai Chi. I am certified in hypnosis and do guided relaxation with my class. To do any of this I require a very clear head providing non-stop instruction. I believe the MCT oil helps me perform better in all aspects"
"32 oz MCT oil to put into my coffee each morning because I eat keto style"
"C8  Keto MCT OIL for adding to my coffee every morning"
"The mct oil to use as a healthy fat"
"MCT oil for overall health"
"MCT oil for dieting and healthy lifestyle"
"C8 oil - ketogenic and C8 MCT oil powder creamer - alternative to cream sometimes"
"MCT  for keto diet"
"C8 ketoMCT oil powder and BHB Exogenous Ketones - for energy and overall health"
"C8 MCT oil for putting in black rifle coffee"
"C8 MCT Oil. It's a great price and seems to be the best MCT oil out there for your money and value"

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