Why demand for coconut oil is declining?

Why demand for coconut oil is declining?

Further to our previous blog posts, coconut oil intake should be limited to two tablespoons per day. When choosing MCT oil vs coconut oil, MCT oil, especially C8 MCT oil will yield much better physiological results in helping to generate beneficial ketones as part of the low carb high healthy fat lifestyle.

Note also that the explosive market growth of coconut oil is over. 

US retail sales of culinary coconut oil – a category demonstrating explosive growth in recent years – have continued to decline, according to new data from SPINS, with the strongest reversal of fortunes in the conventional (MULO) channel, where sales soared by 38.8% in 2015, but fell 5.2% in 2016, and sank 25.9% in 2017 as per the article below:

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