C8 KetoMCT Oil

C8 KetoMCT Oil


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Clinically Proven to Increase Ketone Production to Provide Fuel to Brain and Body


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We are proud to be the ONLY commercial MCT oil now proven to increase betahydroxybutyrate (BHB).
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The number 1 reason diets don’t work – you feel constantly hungry and sluggish on a calorie restricted diets.

Benefit: Weight Management

Achieve better results with the healthy fats called MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides)

These unique healthy fats contain fewer calories than other fats, do not store as body fat, contribute to increased metabolism to burn extra calories and regulate appetite.  Improve your long-term success of weight management without feeling deprived and weak.

Benefit: Increased Energy

MCT provides rapid energy to the brain and body to help Increase productivity and get more done.

Benefit: Cognition

Focus better, decrease brain fog and support optimal brain function with MCTs.  Supplementing with MCTs will provide your brain with an alternative energy source (ketones) as opposed to solely glucose (sugar).

Benefit: Sports Endurance

Enhance exercise performance by supplementing MCTs to fuel physical exertion and help with post-exercise recovery.

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