LifeSense<sup>®</sup> GlucoLOGIC™ Lemon Iced Tea 3.17 oz (90 g), with Reducose<sup>®</sup> mulberry leaf extract to reduce- blood sugar spikes, and avoid high and low energy swings

LifeSense® GlucoLOGIC™ Lemon Iced Tea 3.17 oz (90 g), with Reducose® mulberry leaf extract to reduce- blood sugar spikes, and avoid high and low energy swings


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About 30 servings

Avoid High and Low Energy Swings with our Delicious Instant Tea!

Introducing LifeSense® GlucoLOGIC™ Tea

GlucoLOGIC™ Tea contains Reducose® and all its benefits, in a bioactive, convenient, proprietary, high potency, high purity, instant tea delivery vehicle.

  • Drink as a tea alone, or add dissolved tea to smoothies and other hot and cold liquids.
  • For maximum benefit, consume at the same time as a carbohydrate-rich meal.
  • The tea is a bioactive delivery vehicle for Reducose® since black tea is rich in healthy polyphenols, associated with protection from chronic diseases. Black tea is derived from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis, the most popular tea in the world. Unlike other teas, black tea leaves undergo an extensive oxidation process, exposing cells inside leaves to oxygen, giving black tea benefits not seen with green tea (no oxidation). Theaflavins develop during this oxidation, accounting for 3-6% of the polyphenols in black tea. Theaflavins and flavonoids can reduce the risk of heart disease. Tea drinking in general is associated with reduced risk of stroke. The caffeine is about half that in coffee, and with the amino acid L-theanine, can help with alertness and focus. Unsweetened black tea also improves blood sugar, so it is a logical delivery vehicle for Reducose.
  • Our instant tea also contains the prebiotic, fructan and soluble fiber, inulin. Inulin is published to improve digestive/gut health, improve constipation, control diabetes by decreasing blood sugar, and aid in weight loss. Prebiotics provide food for the microbes in the large intestine which can improve the gut microbiome. Basis these properties, inulin is also a logical ingredient to include with Reducose.

Following years of product development work, we are currently the only company in the world with an active dose of Reducose® in a tea format.

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The Problem:


Eating high-GI foods can cause blood sugar levels to rapidly rise — triggering the pancreas to release more insulin — and then quickly fall. This can promote cravings and overeating. Repeating this cycle frequently may lead to weight gain and insulin resistance, factors associated with type 2 diabetes and higher cardiovascular risk (Link)

The Solution:



  • Turns fast sugars and other carbs to slow ones
  • Consume high carb foods without the blood sugar roller coaster ride
  • Worry less about hidden sugars and carbs
  • Healthy glucose absorption flattens glycemic curve for sustained energy, by reducing blood sugar spikes and high/low energy swings
  • Lowers post-meal blood sugar and insulin responses up to 40%.
  • For benefits beyond blood sugar, click here.


It can be difficult to maintain a balanced, healthy diet with many people consuming high glycemic index carbohydrates (fast carbs) in large quantities. For the general public, high GI carbs are unhealthy promoting fat insulin resistance, fat storage, hunger, weight gains, and low energy (after the initial glucose high).

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