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eBook: Coconut Oil - Is it ACTUALLY Good for You?

eBook: Coconut Oil - Is it ACTUALLY Good for You?

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Read the informative new ebook from our own Dr. Alvin Berger.

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For the last 50 years or so, it has been generally accepted that saturated fats are bad for our health, specifically heart health. In recent years, there is an increasing realization amongst lay- and technical experts alike, that low fat, high carbohydrate regimens such as the Standard American Diet (SAD) are making us humans more obese and more sick. This in turn, has led to a re-evaluation of the evidence that was used to condemn saturated fats in the first place, and has led some to conclude that saturated fats are not the primary culprit responsible for our ill health after all; some would argue these types of fats are beneficial. Coconut oil is a controversial type of saturated fat that has been either been villainized or glorified with respect to influences on human health. Herein, we will review evidence on both sides of the coconut oil debate to derive some sound recommendations for the reader.
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