The Real Skinny on Fat Documentary - Part 4

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Interviewer: It's really, really interesting in that you would do that kind of research with your PhD. It's exciting for us to learn about this from you. It's really exciting. Where do you see the lipid research going over the five, 10 years?

"The exogenous ketone bodies are hot right now, and it's not going to go away. It's one of the few nutrients that there's a real benefit."

Alvin Berger, PhD, Co-founder LifeSense™ Products

Alvin Berger: I think one of the trends you're going to see, the ketogenic fat movement, which was kind of a niche movement in the 80's is now full string. You see more and more companies are going to be launching lines and I think to stand us apart, from a company perspective, more and more innovative products, different types of MCT's. The exogenous ketone bodies are hot right now, and it's not going to go away. It's one of the few nutrients that there's a real benefit. Most nutrients, people take it and you can tell them about how great something is, but they don't feel it. But the advantage to these kind of products is when you take it, you feel it.

Interviewer: Right.

Alvin Berger: You get this energy buzz, but it's not a caffeine buzz, it's just energy going to your neurons.

Interviewer: So you're going to see that expanding and growing?

Alvin Berger: I think that's going to continue. It's just like if you look at fish oil, it started as kind of a small select number of people took it, diehard nutrition people, faddists, and so on, but now it's absolutely mainstream.

Interviewer: It's excellent.

Alvin Berger: What happens in nutrition is eventually people don't really understand why something is good, they just know it's good. So ask someone why EPA and DHA are good? They probably can't give you a really solid answer, but it's good. As we go on people will start saying, "Oh, MCT's, those are good, I need those."

Interviewer: Right, and then starting to learn about which MCT's right?

Alvin Berger: Which MCT's. Yeah.

Interviewer: I wonder how many people really have heard about the different types of MCT's is probably very, very small.

Alvin Berger: A very small subset, yeah.

Interviewer: Yeah. I want to thank you so much for leading, being a leader in this area of lipid research and while it started with your son and the need to really help your child with Type 1 Diabetes, you are able to help millions and millions of us through your research, through your focus, and I can't thank you enough for that.

Alvin Berger: Hey, it's my pleasure, and it's rewarding for me to finally realize my dream with MCT's and also Sciadonic, and having ... being able to have a business, but also realizing that I'm helping people and having people phoning me and this is very important to me.