C8 KetoMCT Oil Powder, 12 oz (342 g) <br/><sub>SAVE WITH MULTI-PACKS</sub>

C8 KetoMCT Oil Powder, 12 oz (342 g)


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DELICIOUS FAT to help stay full and energized; may improve digestive tolerance in individuals sensitive to oil forms; no corn or milk derivatives; no silicone dioxide, may require use of blender

EXCEPTIONAL PURE QUALITY, EASY TO DIGEST and PORTABLE: simple to use and pack when travelling

VERSATILE: a perfect keto alternative to dairy-free creamer for coffee, smoothies, lattes, tea, yogurt

SUPPORTS weight management; does not store as body fat; aids exercise performance/recovery

TRUSTED BRAND: proprietary Low-Carb formula, suitable for Keto Diets, developed and supported by an internationally renowned Lipid Scientist and Nutritionist, add to cart and enjoy

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