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C8-Enriched KetoMCT Oil Powder

C8-Enriched KetoMCT Oil Powder

Easy to Digest, Portable Energy Boost

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KetoMCT Oil Powder

A delicious fat to help stay full and energized; may improve digestive tolerance in individuals sensitive to oil forms; no corn or milk derivatives; no silicone dioxide, may require use of blender.

Many Ways to Enjoy our MCT Oil Powder...

  • Shakes, smoothies, juices
  • Coffee, tea
  • Sauces and salad dressings
  • Powdered Mixes
  • EXCEPTIONAL PURE QUALITY, EASY TO DIGEST and PORTABLE: simple to use and pack when traveling.

  • VERSATILE: a perfect keto alternative to dairy-free creamer for coffee, smoothies, lattes, tea, yogurt.

  • SUPPORTS weight management; does not store as body fat; aids exercise performance/recovery.

  • TRUSTED BRAND: proprietary Low-Carb formula, suitable for Keto Diets, developed and supported by an internationally renowned Lipid Scientist and Nutritionist, add to cart and enjoy.


Scientificaly formulated by an internationally renowned Ph.D Lipid Biochemist & Nutritionist

Dr Alvin Berger

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
This Product Definitely Delivers

I am doing keto and this product definitely delivers. I make iced coffee in the morning and am not hungry most of the day. I went on a short vacation and forgot to take it one day and man could I tell the difference. I’ve lost a total of 27” so far with most from my belly and bra band size and it’s been 2 1/2 months. I started with the powder here and thought I’d try the oil, but I’m going to reorder the powder again next time. I think it dissolves a bit better in a cold drink. I only use 1 scoop once a day. Buy it!

Quality & Value

A true C8 powder that's rich, smooth and mixes perfectly. The blog article, "How to read & interpret a MCT powder label," really spells it out in full transparency. This is really a great product. LifeSense is doing a great job. Thanx.

Awesome Powder

I enjoy the LifeSense powder -- Nice flavor, blends well, minimal ingredients.

Some MCT powders with acacia fiber don't do well with my gut, but this works.

I use it in protein blends, tea, and sometimes as a topping on blueberries.

It's similar to Perfect Keto's MCTP, if you've tried that, but less expensive.